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  Issue no: 375 6 April 2012  
 Foreigners buying SA again Go to the top of the newsletter
It is refreshing to see that Foreign interest in the South African property market are on the increase. This shows that these foreigners once again have faith and confidence in the SA market. Read this very informative article.

Foreigners buying SA again -, 30 March 2012
The number of foreign buyers of residential property is on the increase. FNB Property Barometer figures, says Lanice Steward of Anne Porter Knight Frank, indicate that in mid-2011 foreign buyers accounted for only two percent of the total SA residential property buyers.

SA residential property buyers. However, the figure for the first quarter of 2012 rose to four percent — and it is noteworthy, adds Steward, that FNB estimate that some 20 percent of those came not from overseas but from Africa. This is a big rise from the 8.5 percent African buyers that was recorded in 2011.

These sales figures, she said, have to be seen in their context: they are as yet still a long way off the 2005 figure of seven percent and the late 2008 figure of 6.5 percent — but they do indicate that both international and foreign buyers have confidence in the South African market, recognise that it offers good value and appreciate the fact that compared to many African countries the regulations and taxes governing SA property ownership by foreigners are equitable and not too onerous or complicated.

The confidence of foreign buyers, added Steward, is also still evident among South African expatriates. In the past two quarters their share of the total buying figure has risen from two percent to four percent. Read more...

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Subdued growth in mortgage advances - Property24, 03 April 2012
The value of outstanding credit balances in the South African household sector increased by 6.6 percent year-on-year (y/y), according to Absa.

International business: taking South Africa seriously - eProp, 02 April 2012
While many maintain that investment into South Africa is stagnant, interest in manufacturing, mining, retail and renewables paint a different picture.


Losers threaten CTICC growth -, 05 April 2012
Only a legal challenge will halt the - of the Cape Town Convention Centre. A R700 million tender has been awarded to architects Piet Bakker, Anya Van Der Merwe and Mokena Makeka.

Cape Town debt counsellor in hot water - Property24, 05 April 2012
The National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) has cancelled the registration of a Cape Town debt counsellor following a court judgement.

No room for complacency as urbanisation slows - eProp, 03 April 2012
So what do we make of some of the talk in research circles about urban populations growing slower than has been projected?

A lose-lose land reform scenario is evolving - eProp, 31 March 2012
The way in which land reform is being handled has caused widespread dislocation of farming activities and devaluation of agricultural property in the affected areas; yet the situation can still be turned around.

Tshwane to tackle electricity backlog - Property24, 30 March 2012
The City of Tshwane will spend R323 million to eradicate the backlog of homes without electricity in informal settlements.


How do I price my property to sell? - Property24, 05 April 2012
A Property24 reader asks: I need to sell my house urgently and have called in several agents to value the property. In my opinion, three of the agents have undervalued my home and this feeling has been backed up by one of the valuations, which was much higher than the others.

SA expatriates looking to buy homes - Property24, 04 April 2012
Returning South African expatriates could be a key pillar in the recovery of the market for higher-priced homes.

Gauteng housing market gaining traction early in 2012 - Moneyweb, 04 April 2012
The long period of low interest rates, and a recession fading in the memories of many, appears to be gradually putting Gauteng’s property market on a better footing.

Home price growth accelerates -, 02 April 2012
House prices in March marked the highest year-on-year growth rate since June 2010, First National Bank said on Monday.

Podcast: Is it still better to rent than buy? - 02 April 2012
It’s Tuesday April 3 2012 and in this Boardroom Talk special podcast, property expert and head of Rode Property, Erwin Rode, joins us with your latest quarterly assessment, Erwin.

When selling your home it is essential to keep track of the transfer process - Moneyweb, 02 April 2012
When selling a home, it pays hands down to check on the process of the documentation and conveyancing – every step of the way.

Tenants: beware damaging property and leaving unrepaired - eProp, 31 March 2012
Landlords in South Africa in recent years have sometimes had the impression that the courts, in their endeavour to comply with the constitutional right of citizens to have “access to adequate housing”, have been overly sympathetic to tenants.

The ever shrinking SA home -, 30 March 2012
It is often not appreciated just how radically the South African residential property market has adjusted to the tougher economic conditions and the land shortages of the last four years, says Lanice Steward, MD of Anne Porter Knight Frank.


Booming Sandton leading the way - Moneyweb, 03 April 2012
There are early indications that the grade-A office market might be staging a recovery. The rally is being led by bellwether Sandton CBD, which showed phenomenal rental growth of 16% in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Only 15 offices in SA have achieved green rating - eProp, 03 April 2012
Growthpoint's Lincoln on lake achieves first 4-Star As-Built Green Star rating for a multi tenanted office building in SA.

V&A Waterfront reports robust trading - Property24, 30 March 2012
The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront says trade in the last six months has been exceptionally strong, with retail sales growing by approximately 18% year on year (y/y).


Dominant counters lead listed property charge - eProp, 03 April 2012
The PLSA reports that for the last 12 months to the end of February 2012, SA Listed Property recorded the highest total return of any asset class at 21.75%.

Global Property company launches in SA - eProp, 31 March 2012
Knight Frank, a global property company with 209 offices in 47 countries across six continents handling in excess of US$755 billion worth of commercial, agricultural and residential real estate transactions annually, has launched Knight Frank Commercial in SA.

SA property funds get ‘innovative’ with debt - eProp, 30 March 2012
Funding via the bond market is considered as more transparent than conventional debt, with listed property funds accessing capital at more attractive rates.

Redefine gunning for Fountainhead assets - eProp, 30 March 2012
Redefine views the acquisition of the Fountainhead management company as the key to Redefine being able to acquire the R10 billion of assets of Fountainhead, including further down the line disposal opportunities.


RE/MAX Lifestyle Estates big achievers - Property24, 05 April 2012
Despite reasonably adverse trading conditions within the property sector during 2011, RE/MAX of Southern Africa continued growing from strength to strength and remained one of the country’s leading real estate groups.

Cape agents get national honours - Property24, 03 April 2012
Leading Stellenbosch estate agent, Elmarie van Huysteen, has just been named by the Chas Everitt International property group as its national top agent in a non-metro area.

Estate Agent mandates, fees and conditions - eProp, 02 April 2012
Confusion on estate agent mandates, fees and conditions apparently still exists and will have to be remedied now that the consumer protection act is in force.

PE broker takes international award - Property24, 02 April 2012
When it comes to successfully closing a property transaction, few can compete with Kobie Potgieter, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Independent Properties in Nelson Mandela Bay. Trading conditions for the property market during 2011 were tough, but for Potgieter it was business as usual.

Gordhan warns tax defaulters - Property24, 03 April 2012
The government will soon implement stringent measures to clamp down on tax defaulters, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said on Sunday.

Low home prices at Burgersfort Estate - Property24, 05 April 2012
Security, energy efficiency and real affordability are likely to prove a winning combination for the developers of the new Villa Platino Estate in Burgersfort.

Pretoria street name changes battle on - Property24, 04 April 2012
AfriForum will oppose the Tshwane Metropolitan Council's decision to change 25 Pretoria street names in court.

Hillbrow's new health centre property - Property24, 02 April 2012
A dilapidated 1928 heritage building in Hillbrow Johannesburg has been restored, renovated and converted into a world-class health and research facility.

Locals rediscover downtown Jozi - Property24, 02 April 2012
Once feared as a gangster's paradise, downtown Johannesburg's restored buildings, flowing fountains and sidewalk art are attracting an unusual breed of tourist - local pedestrians.

512 new flats for Soweto residents - Property24, 30 March 2012
Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale says there is a need for a complete eradication of single-sex hostels in order to restore the dignity of the poor.


Residential property viewings 'up 400% so far this year' - Irish Examiner, 05 April 2012
Property consultants Savills Ireland has today said that that overall levels of house viewing in Q1 2012 are up by 400% compared to the same quarter last year.

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 Editor's Note

House prices in March marked the highest year-on-year growth rate since June 2010, First National Bank said on Monday. "The FNB House Price Index showed a further slight acceleration in March, up from a revised February growth rate of 7.1 percent to eight percent year-on-year," said FNB property strategist John Loos. Read the full report.

The Gauteng house price growth rose 6.8 percent in the first quarter of 2012, the highest growth rate in the Gauteng House Price Index since Q2 2008. According to the FNB Gauteng House Price Index, the average house price rose 6.8 percent and the national average price growth rate was 7.1 percent for Q1 2012. Read the full article in the Residential Property News Section.

The value of outstanding credit balances in the South African household sector increased by 6.6 percent year-on-year (y/y), according to Absa. The bank says the increase was R1 197 8 billion in February 2012. Read the full report.

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31 March 2012

Debt-mired Ireland is facing a revolt over its new property tax. Government figures indicate less than half of the country's households have paid the household charge by deadline as thousands of people march on the governing Fine Gael party's annual conference at the Convention Centre Dublin.

Government had no choice, but to impose the new charge as part of the nation's efforts to emerge from an international bailout. Ireland already has endured five emergency budgets in four years and expects to face at least four more years of austerity.

The charge this year is a flat-fee ? ($130) per dwelling, but is expected to rise dramatically next year once Ireland starts to vary the charge based on a property's estimated value. Anti-tax campaigners have urged the public to ignore the tax demand, arguing that the government doesn't have the power to collect it.

Ireland imposed the charge as part of its ongoing negotiations with the European Union, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, which in 2010 provided Ireland a .5 billion ($90 billion) credit line to pay its bills through 2013.


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